Menna Cominetti & Sophie Lee

Boy, '12

9/11/2015 - 15/11/2015


Cycle round the city looking for texts to lift
Back at the Office we stockpile a collection of ghosts
of Joeys and Billys and a thousand finger drawn

444444444s &
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3s

Because nobody can resist the allure of fresh concrete / a tabula rasa / an immaculate slab
least of all champions of teenage recklessness, summoners of delinquent spirits & those
bold and authentic robbers who,
                      In scratches and daubs on the pavement,
                                            (as with the drawing that provokes the apparition of the Bison)

               Enjoy the first hand plunder of the day-to-day, the foggy
               embrace, low-level romance & chants from the plain