Sarah McMenimen


3/10/2016 - 9/10/2016




These objects live in a near future California. In this place, distinctions between animals, humans, rocks or water are lost; species and individuality are blurred. With ceremony, with forms of politeness and reassurance, life borrows waters from a nearby river to drink and be clean and irrigate with, using water mindfully, carefully. They live in a dry, windy land that answers greed with drought and death. A difficult land: aloof yet sensitive.

Percussion describes two of three objects*––two sets of five brass pipes, varied in length from eleven to twenty-seven inches, with musical pitches that span two chords. Tonal quality depends on the type of striker––wood, plastic, or type of metal––and the strength of the stroke. The third object, the striker, is a small piece of cast brass whose songs are triggered by human touch. Their chance-based compositions provide a shimmering flow of tones, echoing the impressions of the surrounding environment.

*The objects were detained in customs. What is shown in the space are replicas which match this description.